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Dr Libby Heaney is an award winning British visual artist with a PhD & professional research background in Quantum Information Science at the University of Oxford and National University of Singapore, publishing 20 physics papers in international peer reviewed journals.  After continuously making art since high school, Heaney finally switched to pursue it at university,  graduating from Central St. Martins, University of Arts, London in 2015.

Heaney was a tutor (research) at the Royal College of Art between 2015 and 2019.  Since 2019, Heaney has been entangling quantum computing with digital art through her self-written quantum code, games engine technology, video and image making. 

In exhibitions, Heaney’s quantum art jostles with physical elements such as slimy glass sculptures, watercolour paintings & fabric tentacles, creating sensuous worlds that not only speak to the entanglement of the virtual & physical, but also of the natural world & the artificial, the past, present & future, the body & mind and the human & machine.

Currently, Heaney is making a body of work that entangles quantum physics with personal trauma, embodied memory and ghosts.

In 2022, Heaney won the Lumen Prize and Falling Walls Art & Science award for her work with quantum computing and art and she is currently a resident of Somerset House Studios in London.

Heaney has exhibited at major institutions and museums in the UK and internationally such as Ars Electronica, Linz; Tate Modern & V&A , London as well as solo exhibitions and performances at places such as arebyte Gallery, London; Sonar Festival, Barcelona; Southbank Centre, London and LAS Art Foundation, Berlin.