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Libby Heaney slimeqrawl 2023Libby Heaney slimeqrawl 2023
Libby Heaney slimeqrawl 2 2023Libby Heaney slimeqrawl 2 2023
Libby Heaney slimeqrawl 2023 3Libby Heaney slimeqrawl 2023 3
Libby Heaney slimeqrawl 2023 4Libby Heaney slimeqrawl 2023 4

Installation views: slimeQrawl, Shoreditch Arts Club, London, 2023. Photo credits: Rocio Chacon

slimeQrawl, 2023, three channel HD video, no sound, 14min 22. 

slimeQrawl is a three-channel video installation inviting the viewer to explore the future of quantum computing and its impact on human and non-human bodies. The footage is edited using Heaney’s cutting-edge generative technique that leverages the power of IBM’s 5 qubit quantum computer to layer and remix videos using the wavelike signatures of different types of quantum entanglement. Through this process, the combined videos of slime, human and non-human bodies melt in and out of one another, oozing across three screens, at times conveying impossible hybrid creatures and at others emerging as familiar forms. This technique transcends the boundaries of conventional step-by-step video editing to open up the queer, non-binary, and posthuman possibilities of quantum.