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Libby Heaney slimeqrawl 2023Libby Heaney slimeqrawl 2023
Libby Heaney slimeqrawl 2 2023Libby Heaney slimeqrawl 2 2023
Libby Heaney slimeqrawl 2023 3Libby Heaney slimeqrawl 2023 3
Libby Heaney slimeqrawl 2023 4Libby Heaney slimeqrawl 2023 4

Installation views: slimeQrawl, Shoreditch Arts Club, London, 2023.

Photos by Rocio Chacon

slimeQrawl, 2023, three channel HD video, no sound, 14min 22. 

slimeQrawl is a captivating three-channel video installation that crawls across three screens, inviting you to explore the mind-bending future of quantum computing and its profound impact on human & non-human bodies. Audiences will be immersed in a spectacle of slime – regurgitated, swallowed, and squeezed – as enigmatic creatures crawl over skin and glide over mouths. Their tentacles, like graceful dancers, clasping and creeping, capture your imagination.

But what is this sliminess all about? Picture it as a portal to reconnect with our primal animal instincts, making us sticky with the essence of all living beings. Slime, in this context, serves as a metaphor for the elusive quantum particles – atoms, molecules, and particles of light – which defy the norms of the visible world. At extremely cold temperatures, these quantum particles behave like fluid, wavelike substances, just like our gooey slime, leading scientists to process information in a complex, non-binary manner within quantum computers.

slimeQrawl delves into the slimy realm of big tech, unraveling the facade of seemingly benign companies racing to develop the world’s first full-scale quantum computer. Behind their pleasant exterior lies a dark reality – they are hardcore neuromarketers, stealthily infiltrating the most intimate aspects of our lives, distracting us with deceitful charm.

Parts of the footage is edited using a cutting-edge generative technique invented by Heaney, leveraging the power of IBM’s 5 qubit quantum computer. This queer and non-binary technique mirrors the hidden processes within a quantum computer, presenting all clips in parallel, oozing in and out of existence, transcending boundaries of the conventional step-by-step approach of traditional video editing. Witness all possibilities and temporalities coexisting simultaneously, reminding us that all matter fundamentally exists in this plural non-binary state of becoming.

So, crawl forth into the slime, a space where art and quantum technology converge to challenge perceptions and ignite curiosity about the very fabric of our universe, both tangible and intangible.