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Libby Heaney Wild Data lres 1Libby Heaney Wild Data lres 1
Libby Heaney Wild Data lres 2Libby Heaney Wild Data lres 2
Wild Data, 2023, Unity app, 30min 3Wild Data, 2023, Unity app, 30min 3

Stills from Libby Heaney, Wild Data, 2023. Courtesy of Libby Heaney. 

Wild Data, 2023, single screen playable experience with stereo sound via Unity app, 30 mins. 

What if digital systems were wild like nature?

Wild Data is a playable eco-sci-fi experience where frazzled phone-gazing participants slip through the cracks of binary computation into an enchanted world of Wild Data.

Visually stunning and demonstrative, Wild Data potently reimagines our commodified digital experience through the lens of European rewilding.

Currently in the format of a game, the aim is to present this as an immersive multimedia installation projected onto semi-transparent screens set amongst natural and artificial elements: featuring an additional Wild Data app, large-scale sculptural works, atmospheric lighting and an enveloping soundtrack.

Big tech companies dominate the data landscape which prevents people from using technology in local, emergent and radical ways. Wild Data provokes this.

Gloriously resisting fixed and rigid categories beneficial to patriarchal capitalism, Heaney’s sci-fi narrative intertwines speculation of the present and future as the protagonist weaves through a multiverse of lush data-landscapes where they become enmeshed with dying oaks, ghostly habitats and swarms of pulsating glitches.


Funded by a Mozilla Foundation Creative Media Award.

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