Libby’s essays and experimental writing span the intersections of art, quantum physics, technology, philosophy, feminist theories. Through practice and writing, Libby questions how reading or ‘diffracting’ concepts from quantum science through other disciplines reveal radical insights into the constructed systems we live within, offering space for new possibilities to emerge. While dealing with often complex subject matter, Libby’s approach is accessible, she draws on insightful metaphors and analogies from across fields, without over simplifying.

Experimental Writing

Euro(re)vision dialogue, 2019.

Inspired by Dada sound and simmultaneous poetry, the poem from the artwork Euro(re)vision was composed by training three machine learning models ‘badly’ on English, German and English+German political debates. The algorithms, which can generate text at the levels of characters, created new nonsensical words and sounds. Towards the end of the poem English and German joins together, hinting at alternative futures where national boundaries are more fluid.

B-X, 2019.

B-X is a non-hierarchical accountof ‘Britishness’ in 2018. It is best read aloud like poetry. The lines in this book are a sample of statements uttered to the Britbot chatbot between June and December 2018. is a voice and text activated dialogue system using machine learning and ruled based algorithms to understand ‘Britishness’ following the EU referendum in the UK. It was commissioned as part of Sky Arts Art 50 programme.

Lady Chatterley’s Tinderbot, 2017.

The original 19 chapters of D. H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover are recreated via text message conversations between Tinderbots posing as characters from Lady Chatterley’s Lover and other human (?) users of the dating app.


The Dogma in the Code, in conversation with Gavin Starks (founding CEO of the Open Data Institute) and Christina J.Chua (So-Far Singapore), 2019.

Quantum Agencies, CCCB, 2019.

Quantum Computing and Complexity in Art, Leonardo Journal, 2019 (submitted 2017).

Quantum Machine Learning, Blog Post, 2018.

Noisy Chatterbots, V&A Digital Design Weekend Publication, 2018.

Systems Research Group, Royal College of Art.