Head vs Heart at the Serpentine pavilion

Head vs Heart panel at the Serpentine pavilion on October 2nd 2023 alongside (left to right) author Kara Gnodde, pavilion architect Lina Ghotmeh, and Serpentine CEO Bettina Korea.


In conversation with eyebeam: Algorithmic Imaginaries

Algorithmic Imaginaries x Xenospaces moderated by curator, writer and editor Nora Khan (Eyebeam Resident 2016-17) in conversation with four artists exploring AI in their practice and research: Los Angeles based multimedia artists Connie Bakshi and Peter Wu+ (Eyebeam Fellow 2022-23)‎ and London-based artists Libby Heaney and Lawrence Lek (Eyebeam Resident 2021, Grand Prix Winner of the 4th VH Award).

A conversation anchored by each artist’s use of storytelling as a tool for exploratory and architectural worldbuilding, and the continual exchange with curatorial practice. Khan lead a discussion around what is meaningful for audiences when encountering art that engages with AI in practice and research. Given a shared collective reality where experience, invention, and narrative are shaped and accelerated through AI and ML processes, what encounters and experiences are aesthetically and conceptually meaningful?