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Algorithmic Imaginaries x Xenospaces moderated by curator, writer and editor Nora Khan (Eyebeam Resident 2016-17) in conversation with four artists exploring AI in their practice and research: Los Angeles based multimedia artists Connie Bakshi and Peter Wu+ (Eyebeam Fellow 2022-23)‎ and London-based artists Libby Heaney and Lawrence Lek (Eyebeam Resident 2021, Grand Prix Winner of the 4th VH Award).

A conversation anchored by each artist’s use of storytelling as a tool for exploratory and architectural worldbuilding, and the continual exchange with curatorial practice. Khan lead a discussion around what is meaningful for audiences when encountering art that engages with AI in practice and research. Given a shared collective reality where experience, invention, and narrative are shaped and accelerated through AI and ML processes, what encounters and experiences are aesthetically and conceptually meaningful?