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In Please Don’t Cry, 2023, Heaney deals with the quantum dimension of grief. A very intimate work, she filmed herself crying while thinking about her sister’s death. 

The editing process layers thirty two videos that appear with varying levels of transparency according to wavelike entanglement data. 

The result is a blurred, blinking, teary eye that loses its fixity and sometimes morphs into new shapes evocative of labia. The video reflects on deep and personal feelings of loss to think universally about how trauma and emotions are held within the body. The vulvic forms that emerge haphazardly as the video unfolds allude to the socio-historical conception of emotions and hysteria as a feminine weakness.

Libby Heaney

Single channel video, no sound, 34 min. Installation view: “Quantum Soup”, HEK Basel, 2024. Courtesy: HEK and Franz Wamhof.

Single channel video, no sound, 34 min.