AI Chanting excerpts released

Listen here:

Nabihah Iqbal and I have released excerpts of our AI chanting project The Whole Earth Chanting with Radar, Loughborough Universities contemporary art programme.


The work which will receive its full, live premiere later in 2021 at Emmanuel Church, Loughborough.

Commissioned by Radar as part of its Risk Related programme, The Whole Earth Chanting pushes against the widespread use of artificial intelligence to manage (supposed) risks in the service of the status quo.

The artist and quantum physicist Libby Heaney recorded various human and non-human ‘chants’, and then trained an AI programme to produce its own chants. Recordings of the original and AI-generated chants were then passed to her collaborator, fellow Somerset House resident and musician, Nabihah Iqbal, who has woven them into a 45 minute work for live performance through a soundsystem.

In the work, Heaney and Iqbal *take a risk* with AI by opening it up to the unknown so as to be open to new modes of experience and relation through the power of voice, sound and music. When performed live, it will generate forms of belonging and collective identity between humans and non-humans physically and sonically present in the space: a post-human spiritualism in which human perception is entangled with the material world. As religious chants blur with football fans’ singing, birds and Iqbal’s voice, the boundaries of categories through which we usually understand the world are dissolved, creating a transcendental journey enabling the ‘other’ to enter and transform.

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