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Heaney and Iqbal will perform the next iteration of their immersive AI music and visual performances at the Southbank Centre on the 28th and 29th January 2022. More information and ticket booking can be found here.

This collaborative project is part of Southbank Centre’s Purcell Sessions.

Through field recordings of the Thames, AI-generated sounds and visuals, as well as music and words, Iqbal and Heaney plunge you into an immersive world of real and artificial water-scapes.

In Cascade the Thames serves as a focal point for the pair, pushing them to explore the materiality, history, rituals and symbolism attached to rivers and water.

This project follows on from their previous collaboration, The Whole Earth Chanting, which explored the transcendental nature of human and non-human voice through field recordings, AI-generated sound and meditative composition.


Southbank Centre is the largest arts centre in the UK and one of the nation’s top five visitor attractions. They seek out the world’s most exciting artists, from household names to fresh new talent, and give them space to showcase their best work.