New quantum art print available via Somerset House Studio’s Edition Series

Heaney’s Cephalopod Alien (Study with a Quantum Computer) is now available to buy via Somerset House Shop.

The print uses the plurality and interconnectedness of quantum entanglement and superposition to highlight the boundary-less and formlessness of bodies.

Here’s a bit more about the process: Heaney made a watercolour painting on really wet paper, so the paint behaved like waves and the colours interfered with each other, mirroring the blurry quantum reality. Once the painting had dried, Heaney scanned the image and ecoded it on qubits. The image in the print shows the form deconstructing and becoming quantum wavelike and scattered, as it was viewed through the lens of other quantum dimensions.


Available to pre-order* Limited edition prints will be shipped from Thursday 3rd December, please allow up to 10 days for delivery post receipt of purchase. 

Artwork title: Cephalopod Alien (study with a quantum computer) 

Artwork year: 2019

Print description: A watercolour painting of a squid diffracted by entanglement in a quantum computer.  

Each edition is limited to 100, hand-numbered and accompanied by a signed letter of authenticity from the artist. 50% of all proceeds after production go directly to the artist, with the remaining 50% going to Somerset House Trust to support the Young Talent Fund.

Print size: A2: 420 x 594mm

Copyright: Libby Heaney

Artist Profile

A2 Giclée Prints | Hand-numbered archival reproduction on 255gsm Somerset Velvet pure cotton rag | Rolled in pH neutral, acid-free tissue paper | Packaged in 100mm diameter, 550mm length matt black tube.