One of my favourite artists, Conrad Shawcross, has a new exhibition at the roundhouse this summer, through which he wants to challenge our preconceptions of time.  His inspiration comes from the 24 pillars that circle the main floor of the building.  Shawcross states in this teaser video that he aims to make the familiar peculiar and that as an artist he is able to merely respond to time rather try to understand it from a fundamental perspective.  He suggests that works of art, unlike established scientific models, are allowed to fail and that is what makes art uniquely interesting: it creates problems rather than solves them.

The last time I saw one of Shawcross’ kinetic sculptures was at the Lightshow, Haywood gallery and for me it was one of the standout pieces of the exhibition.  Entitled “Slow Arc inside a Cube (2008)”, it was inspired by crystal radiography.  The viewers were left clustered around the outskirts of the room, while the light swept from side-to-side creating shifts in space and even the perceived dimensionality of the area.

conrad shawcross at the lightshow

Conrad Shawcross, Slow Arc inside a Cube (2008).

The new exhibition at the Roundhouse promises to be grander still and with a pay-what-you-want entrance policy there is no excuse for not popping by to see it after 1st August.


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