James Nissen with a 40 x 80 cm ion-beam etched multilayer dielectric grating 1780 lines/mm

Artist Libby Heaney spoke about her recent artistic practice exploring the intersections of machine learning, pop culture and identity at Somerset House‘s (Inter-) event. Using the concept of diffraction as a pivot to explore her artworks Britbot, Euro(re)vision, Oh Brian and Top of the Bots, Heaney drew on feminist theories and quantum science to unpick identities and deconstruct limiting categories usually enforced by machine learning algorithms.

(Inter-) is a 2-day programme of installations, presentations, panel discussions and live performances exploring image, sound and digital art. Saturday’s programme opens with discussion and presentations exploring the politics of virtual and physical architectures and the new ways of queering digital.

Somerset House Studios is an experimental workspace in the centre of London connecting artists, makers and thinkers with audiences. Located inside the repurposed former Inland Revenue building, the Studios offer space and support to artists pushing bold ideas, engaging with urgent issues and pioneering new technologies.

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