Oh Brian is a moving image artwork filmed and presented on an iphone and a set of six still images. This is Libby’s first attempt at a deepfake faceswap, something she continues to work with today. In the work Libby performs as 90’s boyband East 17’s lead singer Brian Harvey singing their classic song ‘It’s Alright’. Libby was invited to make the work by Eleni Ikoniadou (Audint/RCA) for Her Voice at the ICA Feb 2019. She chose to become Brian Harvey for ‘shits and giggles’, putting a ‘low brow’ celebrity who is often ridiculed in the media, on screen at the prestigious and high brow ICA, which itself is on The Mall near Buckingham Palace. Libby was a huge fan of East 17 when she was about 10.

Since no one from Tamworth can sing, and Libby is singing her heart out on this video, please contact Libby for a link to the video.



Oh Brian critically considers relations between constructed gender, voice, pop culture, class and machine learning, highlighting the gender gap in (the music) industry, exploring notions of male author genius. It also raises issues of how the media and internet influence people’s perception of celebrities, particularly ones from working class backgrounds.

All payments received in relation this work will be given to the charity Help Musician’s UK.