Libby’s new virtual reality artwork has been commissioned by the Science Gallery Dublin as part of their Fake exhibition.

Science Gallery Dublin is a world first — a venue where today’s white-hot scientific issues are thrashed out.  A place where science and art collide.  Since opening in 2008, nearly 3 million people have visited the Science Gallery Dublin — ranking it among the top ten free cultural attractions in Ireland.

About Quantum Fake:

In an age of ubiquitous digital reproduction, is there any way to safeguard information so it cannot be copied? Quantum Fake is a virtual reality experience inspired by the concepts underpinning quantum cryptography. At the atomic scale, deep in the realm of quantum mechanics, any information that is unknown (to a person or to a light ray, for instance) is forever secret and cannot be copied. The artwork casts this logic over the gallery, as some viewers encounter a world where our usual perceptions of time, space and form are transformed.

The work will be exhibited at the Science Gallery until June 2018.

Photo credit Science Gallery Dublin.

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