Exciting news folks: I’m going to be exhibiting my magnets at the Affordable Art Fair on Hampstead Heath in June : )

Capsule Installation - II


Earlier this month, I presented this newly commisisoned interactive installation at Made in Arts London‘s Capsule exhibition.  It is called Is there love in the telematic embrace? after an article of the same name about art in electronic media by Roy Ascott.  There Ascott notes the continuous flux of meaning in electronic systems of communication and compared them to quantum systems,

‘In the context of telematic systems and the issue of content and meaning, the parallel shift in art of the status of “observer” to that of “participator” is demonstrated clearly if in accounts of the quantum principle we substitute “data” for “quanta”.’,

he continues with

‘How then, could there be a content—sets of meanings—contained within telematic art when every aspect of networking in dataspace is in a state of transformation and of becoming?’.


I love how already in the nineties, Ascott predicted the current information overload and the subsequent loss of meaning.
So this piece explores these ideas in a physical setting by making analogies to aspects of quantum physics and post-structuralism via a participatory installation which takes the form of a tangible, digitized painting or sculpture – a hands-on, 3D photoshop – where people can continuously build and compose new imagery, utiliizing an inherent multiplicity of colour to play with pattern making, by rearranging a multitude of magnetic platonic solids on reflective steel surfaces.  These magnetic blocks are half painted with colour schemes derived from 5 digitally deconstructed, appropriated jpegs of Franz Ackermann’s hyperreal (dis)utopias, with other inspiration being drawn from Dan Perfect’s chaotic, photoshop-stylized cartoon like paintings.  At the start of the exhibition I arranged the blocks in 5 individual piles relating to the corresponding background image giving a subtle illustration of the artist’s intent. Then as the show progressed this imposed order and my intent was gradually lost and new structures created.


Capsule Installation - I


If you are interested to hear more about this and my other work, I caught up with MiAL in my studio a few weeks ago – you can watch the video here.


Capsule - installation iii

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