Britbot is a net based artwork by Libby Heaney, commissioned by Sky Arts Art 50. It consists of an AI dialogue system that chats to you about Britishness.

The system has rule based and generative components. The generative parts are trained on a 100+Mbs of text related to the topics in the British citizenship test. Born biased by design, Britbot highlights biases in both algorithms and attempts to quantify things like collective (national) identity. As Britbot speaks to people over the next 6 months it will gradually learn from what they say, becoming a wider algorithmic representation of so-called Britishness today.

In June, Britbot was presented at Sheffield International Documentary Festival with Sky Arts in Cutlers Hall.

The Festival includes film screenings, interactive and virtual reality exhibitions, talks & sessions, unmissable live events, and its own awards.

It has become the UK’s biggest documentary festival and the third largest in the world. The BBC have called it “one of the leading showcases of documentary films”.

Britbot was also presented at CogX Festival of AI, London.

The Festival of All Things AI, Blockchain and Emerging Technology.  In its inaugural year itself, CogX 2017 made a mark in the Artificial Intelligence domain by hosting a string of events that celebrated it.

Pic credit (1,3) Luba Elliot

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