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Visual Art, Slime & Advanced Technologies


2015MA Art & Science, Central St. Martins, London (Distinction)
2008PhD Theoretical Quantum Information Science, University of Leeds, UK
2005MSci Physics with German, Imperial College London, UK (1st Class Honours)

Solo Exhibitions and Performances


2024Quantum Soup, HEK, Basel
 Heartbreak and Magic, Somerset House, London
2023Ent-er the Garden of Forking Paths, Gazelli Art House, London
2022Ent-, LAS (Light Art Space), Berlin
 The Evolution of Ent-: QX, arebyte Gallery, London
 remiQXing still, Fiumano Clase, London
 CASCADE, Southbank Centre, London
 slimeQore, Zabludowicz Collection, London
 slimeQore (Italian translation), Roma Europa Festival, Rome
 2021The Whole Earth Chanting, Sonar, CCCB, Barcelona
 The Whole Earth Chanting, Keroxen Festival, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
 The Whole Earth Chanting, Emmanual Church Loughborough, with Radar, Loughborough University’s Contemporary Art Programme
 Agency is the Ability to Act, Holden Gallery, Manchester/Online
2019Euro(re)vision, Goethe Institut, London
2017Quantum Breathing, Non-Space Gallery, Aarhus (as part of the official programme of the EU Captial of Culture)

Selected Group Shows and Screenings

2023Lilypads: Mediating Exponential Systems, NXT Museum, Amsterdam
2023Energeia, Etopia, Zaragoza (commission)
 Wild Data, Serpentine Gallery (online)
 CPH:DOX, Copenhagen
 Art SG (with Gazelli Art House), Singapore
 Xenospace, Epoch Gallery (online)
 2022Microwave Festival, Hong Kong
 Ignota Books, Mimosa House, London
 Every Kind of Wind: Calder and the 21st Century, Nahmad Contemporary, New York City
 Quantum Hivemind, Serpentine Gallery (online)
 Creative Machine, Goldsmith’s University, London
 Public Screening, Gwanghwamun Square, Seoul
 Full dome screening of Ent-, Deutsches Museum, Munich
 Re:publica Festival, Berlin
 The Baroness, Mimosa House, London
 House of Mirrors, HMKV, Dortmund
 Biomedia, ZKM, Karlsruhe
2021BIAS, Science Gallery, Dublin (commission)
 Ars Electronica, Linz (online)
 Reflections in the Water, Feral File (online)
 Virtual Wonders, Mutek Festival, Montreal (online)
 Future U, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne
 Mutek Festival, Barcelona & Buenos Aires (online)
 Art AI, Leicester (public space presentation)
 [SPACE], Art & Tech, London
2020Visionarias, Etopia Centre of Art & Technology, Zaragoza
 Amplify, Somerset House, London/Online
 Realtime Constraints, arebyte Gallery, London/online
 OUT OF TOUCH, LUX (with Herversions), London (online, commission)
2019Mether, Huddersfield (public space presentation)
 Top of the Bots, Tate Late, Tate Modern, London (performance)
Kosmopolis Festival, Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona, Barcelona
Good Grief Gallery Late, Love Unrequited, Somerset House, London
Open Fest with Sky Arts, Barbican, London
2018 Digital Design Weekend, V&A, London
Edinburgh TV Festival with Sky Arts, Edinburgh
Cog X AI Festival, London
Sheffield Documentary Festival, Sheffield
FAKE, Sience Gallery, Dublin (commission)
humansbeingdigital, The Lowry, Manchester
2017 Somerset House Studios showcase, Telefonica Fundacion, Lima (with the British Council)
Ars Electronica Festival, Linz
Sonar+D, Barcelona (with Somerset House Studios and British Council)
Entangled: Quantum Computer Art, Royal College of Art (with V&A, Bristol University and Institute of Physics)
Humans Need Not Apply, Science Gallery, Dublin

Selected Press


‘Libby Heaney’s quantum-powered take on Hieronymus Bosch’s masterpiece’, Wallpaper* Magazine


‘Multiple Matters: an interview with Libby Heaney’, Spike Art 

 Libby Heaney – interview: ‘The point of the work is to destabilize you’, Studio International 
 ‘Quantenphysikerin verzaubert Boschs “Garten der Lueste”, Die Zeit (Germany)
 ‘Kunst mit dem Quantumcomputer: Der Himmel pulsiert’, Tages Spiegel (Germany)
 ‘The art of entanglements: from NFTs to Quantum Computing, Right Click Save 
 CASCADE, Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio 4 

‘The Firewall Next Time: Belief, Power and AI’, Flash Art


‘Machine Dreams: Art and Artificial Intelligence’, Forbes 

2017‘When Lady Chatterley joined Tinder’ BBC Radio 4 and BBC News online 
 ‘Top picks for the Women of Sonar+D’ Atlas of the Future 
2016‘Welcome to Yami-Ichi’, The Guardian 

Selected Talks and Workshops 

2022Quantum Slimifications, with Arebyte Gallery, Nora N. Khan & Monica Bello, online
 Thinking Quantum, with Light Art Space, Anna Pappa, Amira Gad, Ariane Koek, online 
2021Future Music Genres, AI & Music Festival, S+T+ARTS & Sonar Festival, CCCB, Barcelona
 Entangled: Quantum Computing & Art, Keynote, INF 21: Gesellschaft fuer Informatik, Germany 
 Subverting the Dataset, Present Futures Digital, CCA Glasgow with Feral Art Projects

Entanglements; Quantum Computing & Art, Berlin Science Week 

2019Noisy Chatterbots, AI & Storytelling, People’s History Museum with The Space, Manchester

Artificial Identities workshop, Birmingham Open Media (BOM), Birmingham 


Diffracting Bubbles, Mutek, Montreal

 Quantum Computing & Art, Sonar+D, Barcelona
 Machine Learning Matters, Inter-, Somerset House Studios, London
 Sexist Racist In = Sexist Racist Out, D&AD Festival with WOW, London

Amor Android, Kosmopolis Festival, CCCB, Barcelona 

2018Noisy Chatterbots workshop, Art + Tech Summit, Birmingham Open Media (BOM), Birmingham
 Quantum Britishness: Intra-active algorithms, Goethe Institut London, London 
2017Quantum Computing & Art, Concytec, Lima 
 Quantum VR Matters, London Design Festival with Space 10 and Ma-tt-er, London 
 Art, Science & Quantum Computing, V&A, London

Exploring the New Aesthetic, in conversation with James Bridle, Royal College of Art, London 


Magnetism & Blackholes, Tate Modern, London 

Selected Academic Papers

2019Quantum Computing and Complexity in Art, Leonardo Journal, 52 (3): 230–235
2015Dissipation-enhanced vibrational sensing in an olfactory molecular switch, A. Checinska, F. A. Pollock, L. Heaney, A. Nazir Journal of Chemical Physics, 142, 025102
2014New Spin Squeezing and Other Entanglement Tests for Two Mode Systems of Identical Bosons, B. Dalton. L. Heaney, J. Goold, B. Garraway, T. Busch New Journal of Physics, 16, 013026
2013Extracting quantum work statistics and fluctuation theorems by single-qubit interferometry, R. Dorner, S. Clark, L. Heaney, R. Fazio, J. Goold, V. Vedral Physical Review Letters, 110 (23), 230601
2012Equilibrium and Disorder-induced behavior in Quantum Light-Matter Systems, E. Mascarenhas, L. Heaney, M. C. O. Aguiar, M. F. Santos New Journal of Physics, 14, 043033

Quantum coherent contributions in biological electron transfer, R. Dorner, J. Goold, L. Heaney, T. Farrow, V. Vedral Physical Review E, 86 (3), 031922 


Extreme nonlocality with one photon, L. Heaney, A. Cabello, M. F. Santos, V. Vedral New Journal of Physics, 13, 053054 

2010Teleportation of a quantum state of a spatial mode with a single massive particle, L. Heaney Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 6519, 175 
 Bell inequality for pairs of particle-number-superselection-rule restricted states, L. Heaney, S.-W. Lee, D. Jaksch Phys. Rev. A, 82, 042116
Violation of multipartite Bell inequalities with classical subsystems via operationally local transformations, M. S. Williamson, L. Heaney, W. Son Phys. Rev. A 82, 032105 
2009Natural mode entanglement as a resource for quantum communication, L. Heaney and V. Vedral, Physical Review Letters, 103 200502 


For my full list & more details see my Google Scholar page

Selected Academic Positions

2014-2019Research Tutor, Information Experience Design programme, Royal College of Art, London 
2011-2013Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore 
2009-2011EPSRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Oxford, Oxford
2009-2011Visiting Research Fellow, Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore
2009-2009Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore 

Selected Residencies


Somerset House Studios resident, London

2020British Council Amplify residency at Somerset House, Mutek Montreal and Mutek Buenos Aires 
2020Deep Play, Art+Tech residency, [ SPACE ], London
2019Risk Related, Radar Residency, Loughborough University, Loughborough 



Lumen Prize, London


Winner in Art & Science Category of Falling Wall Prize, Berlin


Mozilla Foundation Creative Media Award, USA


S+T+ARTS prize, Nomination


Adaptation Award, Artquest, London

 British Council Amplify Collaboration Award

Arts Council England Project Grant (Figures in Limbo)


Arts Council England Project Grant (The Whole Earth Chanting)

 Arts Council England Project Grant (Top of the Bots)

Arts Council England Project Grant (Britbot)


Lumen Prize (long-list)

 HeK Basel, Net-based art award (short-list)

Sky Arts, Art 50 Commission


Institute of Physics Public Engagement Grant (in collaboration with University of Bristol and V&A)


Ideas Tap Innovators Award


EPSRC postdoctoral fellowship at University of Oxford (£250k to lead my own research in quantum physics)


Institute of Physics and HSBC, Very early career woman physicist of the year