touch is response-ability, tuuch os tuuch os rispunsabilitreaeaeaea

This work was commissioned by Hervisions at LUX as part of their OUT of TOUCH programme during lockdown 2020. OUT OF TOUCH sought to understand new vocabularies of touch when all we have is the digital space. Considering how isolation has accelerated our digital vocabulary, what a meaningful language of touch might be beyond the physical.

Native Instagram experience


Render of animation


touch is response-ability, tuuch os rispunsabilitreaeaeaea is a site-specific interactive animation, where the participants’ touch controls the movement of the frames. Using Instagram stories as a medium, the work existed as two durational performances that invited viewers to activate the animation through the action of touch. Each performance lasted for 24 hours on LUX Instagram.

The first and last stills in each performance were created by Heaney based on extensive research into representations of the body in computer vision and artificial intelligence and parallels in art history, highlighting the biases in which bodies are seen and neglected in both. The subsequent frames in the animation were generated by passing the initial frame through a quantum computer, which through entangled pixels, the quantum computer fragments and inverts the image.

In every frame the body from the initial image always exists but the quantum computer enables us to see it from alternative, multiple perspectives – boundary-less and form-less. The stills are watched with a computer vision algorithm – Open-Pose – which loses track of the body as it is released from its encoded shackles.


The commission was also accompanied by a limited edition of two prints, which used quantum computers to produce the still image.

‘Frame 15 - Libby - Venus of Willendorf’
Giclée Canson Aquarelle Rag
Limited edition of 10, numbered and signed + 2 APs

Printed area 30x30cm
Paper size 40x40cm



‘Frame 6 - Libby - Nude’

Giclee Canson Aquarelle Rag
Edition of 10 + 2 APs, numbered and signed

Printed area 30x30cm

Paper size 40x40cm