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the markers 2014

The Markers

An ongoing feature of my artistic practice is the use of rigorous geometrical structures - two platonic solids, the tetrahedron and octahedron - appropriated from quantum physics. I use the term appropriate as I have directly copied their form. Yet rather than try to just copy key features of quantum physics, I then use these geometries to visually communicate overall concepts and emotions that stepping into a quantum world might cause.

My piece ‘The Markers’, is comprised of two octahedrons positioned corridor width apart. They are black, heavy, solid and tilted slightly, acknowledging the presence of gravity. In quantum physics, the octahedron is a shape that can represent the classical, observable part of reality - our everyday world. Genuinely quantum parts of reality (such as a quantum superposition and quantum entanglement) can only be indirectly inferred. They cannot be looked at directly as reality changes upon observation. Therefore, these are the markers of the empty space in between them, the ‘quantum’ part of my sculpture, and they are a container for the nothingness that also contains everything. In the gallery space, they are positioned so that the viewers are encouraged to walk through them. However, the entrance they form intentionally leads to nowhere, thereby emphasizing the space around them.

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