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Phoxel Tarot

Phoxel Tarot is a performance artwork where fortune teller Layla Swan uses her rehashed internet tarot cards to predict people's online and offline lives. Drawing on research into big data, surveillance capitalism and internet advertising, this piece was first performed at the Internet Yami-Ichi at the Tate Modern.

“My name is Layla Swan and I’m a fortune teller. I’m here today because my business has been going down the pan – everyone keeps going online to get their fortunes read – how does that even work?! So I decided to fight back. I remade all the tarot cards with symbolism from our digital age, but with meanings faithful to the original deck.

Today I’ll be doing a 3 card holistic reading based around your online and offline life – to be honest our online and offline worlds are so entwined anyway, we can no longer disentangle them.

And during this reading, I’ll be channeling the energy of the internet. Online companies hold enough data about us already that they can essentially predict our future and this is the intuition I’ll bring to you today.”

Layla Swan

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