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Nibbles – Documentation of an artwork made by a quantum computer

“There is an inherent, systemic contradiction in this practice: it says both “quantum phenomena need to be visualized” and “quantum phenomena aren’t amenable to visualization”. However quantum physics images are useful as “free versions of a rigorous practice, intended to be suggestive and approximate rather than dependable and exact.” James Elkins, Six Stories from the End of Representation, 2008.

What remains when an art object is completey destroyed when anything, even light, touches it?

'Nibbles - documentation of an artwork made with a quantum computer' responds to this question. A series of quantum entangled artworks were made with a four qubit quantum computer, but due to the strange laws of quantum physics these artworks are destroyed when anything 'looks' at them. A nibble is half a byte: four bits which is the only trace of the unobservable entangled artworks. ‘Nibbles’ is the documentation of these artworks drawing on research into the connections between quantum systems and meaning. ‘Nibbles’ is a four screen film, where viewers can experience the entanglement of images and videos across the four screens. These images and videos follow a spoken narrative that describes the creation and destruction of the previously made quantum entangled artworks and locate the sublime in the microscopic, the cosmological and then similar metaphorical instances in everyday tiny occurrences, entangling scales and times.