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Garden of Forking Paths – a riddle whose theme is time (2016)

A surreal tree made through 96 hand dyed knotted yarns and 9 photocopies of the knotted, physical structure. The wool was dyed to match the colour of one of the prints (In the yellow and black garden…). The whole piece is placed against a wall and while I consider it to be an installation, it is not site specific. The piece was made by coding a sentence from Borge’s text ‘A riddle whose theme is time’ into one of the branches of the tree using a knotting scheme based upon Morse code. In this scheme each letter of the alphabet was related to a combination of left or right looping knots. The other branches of the tree were also made by knotting information using the same left and right knotting scheme. Their content is a set of synonyms, each branch has a gradual interchange of words.