Last week I performed ‘Up and Downloading the Memory’ at the BA CCC degree show at Central St. Martin’s.  It was first time I had experimented with performance and it was pretty interesting to play the roll of the art object, even though I chose a tough time throughout the show to do this (at the PV while everyone else was getting drunk!) and I allowed the performance to last for over two hours (until all the words in my mind had ‘dried up’…).  It was fairly hard going.

While I didn’t use my body as such, it was the interconnectivity between my voice and my laptop (google) that became the art object.  Since I am interested in interactive art in any case, being on the receiving end of the viewers attention helped me to understand how interactivity can be encouraged or disrupted.  For instance, it happened a few times that when I looked someone strongly in the eye and randomly uttered a dry line from the top hit page on Google in a meaningful way, the recipient felt uncomfortable and moved away.  On the other hand, when I was softer and perhaps more playful with the choice of words, I could engaged with the audience in a different, more intimate manner.  I’m hoping that I can use these findings to understand how I can more effectively engage the audience with interactive objects and installations.  Furthermore, I would like to try incorporating a performative element into interactive installations in the future to develop audience participation.

See this previous blog post, for more details about the concept behind ‘Up and Downloading the Memory’.

Here are some photos from the show all credited to Viv Du.

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