Point B

With Christmas (and my dissertation) now well out of the way, it’s good to be back making art exhibiting again.  For you people stateside, I have a print in a group show of international artists at Point B work lodge on Nth 7th St in Williamsburg opening next Weds 21st Jan.  I spent an amazing month at Point B last summer, during which time I was tinkering with digital art and learning how to do some neat things with the Kinect.  The work lodge is closing soon so this is a great chance to look around (it’s a fabulous space!) and to meet Mark and other Point B alumni.  I wish I could be there too!

Back in London, we have the Big Space show part IV next week at CSM KX.  Last year I exhibited The Markers in the same show and I’m really happy with how far my practice has come since then.  This time, I’ll be presenting an interactive installation that questions how we view art digitally.  The Big Space show is opening on Weds 21st Jan and runs through to Friday 23rd Jan.

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