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Euro(re)vision is two screen moving image artwork (12min47), where two topical EU government leaders (Merkel and May in this instance) perform absurd machine generated songs in a Eurovision song contest-like setting.

Inspired by Dada poetry, such as Hugo Ball’s sound poem ‘o gadji beri bimba’, this piece uses multiple cutting-edge machine learning/artificial intelligence techniques to create new forms of algorithmic poetry and performance. Artist Libby Heaney performs as May and Merkel and deep fake faceswap technology alters her appearance to look more like the politicians. The poetry is composed by neural networks trained badly on English polticial debates from the House of Commons, German political debates from the Bundestag and a data set comprising both the English and German political debates.

Inspired by the Eurovision Song Contest, Euro(re)vision is partly an absurd critique of current political systems and rhetoric. The piece explores the often nefarious relationships between artificial intelligence, politics and pop culture, using new technology against itself.

As the languages join together towards the end of the song, Euro(re)vision might propose a different, more united Europe (beyond traditional politics?), where alternative messages are expressed.

Camera by Echo Ru Yi, Guitar by Josh Brain.