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computation cloud

Computation Cloud is an interactive installation inspired by physics and complex systems, in particular quantum computation and thermodynamics. It can also be considered as a reflection of the integration of the physical and digital worlds - a physical manifestation of a screen, always in flux and changing contingent on our actions. In practice, the piece consists of 94 individually rotating octahedrons or 'pixels'. The orientation of the pixels is controlled by the audience standing in front of the work. For every different audiences configuration, a new work of art is created. In part, the piece represents the deconstruction of reality at a microscopic level. Previously to building the installation, these ideas were explored through a series of digital prints - a ‘virtual’ sketchbook if you like - for the colours and movement of the installation. To make the prints, I appropriated a digital copy of a painting by one of my favourite artists, Franz Ackermann, whose work was previously described as a quantum particle. I particularly like his use of vivid colours and nauseous compositions. I then passed Ackermann’s painting through some original code, an app that pixelates the image by analyzing the colour in Ackermann’s original work. Reality becomes blurry as people interact with the work. Computation Cloud is the real spatial-temporal version of the digital prints and formed the basis for the evolution of my degree show piece CLOUD.

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computation cloud