Continuing Libby’s on-going exploration of deepfake faceswap technology as a tool and subject, Co-Meme-Monation is a three screen video native to the video-sharing social networking app, TikTok. Libby made the work quickly in September 2019 in response to Boris Johnson’s illegal prorogation (discontinuing) of parliament and the subsequent protests.



Co-meme-monation is a three channel moving image artwork, currently situated on the TikTok social media app. In it, the artist performs as a (deep-faked) Boris Johnson lizard, who is collecting discarded Theresa May commemoration plates from sites around London. He then ritually smashes the plates to the sound of the 90s Jurassic Park theme tune played on a recorder, before sneaking into a Brexit protest. The smashing of these plates is symbolic of how short lived overtly political art is… The work is a satirical gesture commenting on UK politics and Brexit at a very specific moment in 2019.

Following the content and editing style of videos on TikTok, the films are fast paced and surreal. Part of the process of situating the videos on TikTok was to investigate how (free) labour and play exist within the memes and deepfakes on the app. Entertainment, often in the forms of skits and challenges on TikTok, encourages young (and older) people to give their attention, time and data to become TikTok famous. The videos can be viewed in full on the app @libbs.7.