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CLOUD 2015

CLOUD is an inter/intra-active, kinetic installation that explores complexity and Barad's notion of Intra-activity by exploring resonances with quantum measurement-based computation.

Fifty-four individually rotating pixels are suspended in a hand-knotted linen net. Initially all the pixels are aligned like an ordered crystal. When people enter the space in front of the piece, a Kinect sensor tracks their position and the corresponding pixels are randomized. The ordered nature of the piece is only visible from afar, a close inspection disturbs the work – the pixels slowly return to their original places when the space is empty.

I am fascinated by complex systems – how the relationships between individual components can lead to emergent behaviours and new phenomena. Here, the relationship between the viewers and the artwork, leads the continuous creation of new drawings and unexpected actions by the audience.

CLOUD closeup

Libby Heaney CLOUD 1

Libby Heaney CLOUD 3

Libby Heaney - CLOUD 4

Libby Heaney CLOUD 5