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CLOUD 2015

CLOUD is an inter/intra-active, kinetic installation that explores complexity and order, nature and culture, the digital and physics drawing on inspiration from quantum computing algorithms and Karen Barad's Agential Realism philosophy.

Fifty-four individually rotating paper pixels are suspended in a hand-knotted linen net. Each pixel is octahedron shaped, half white and half shaded with pencil and painted with layers of acrylic, all together referencing an image of a cloud over an Italian city. A virtual copy of the physical pixels is tracked by the Kinect in front of the piece. Initially all the pixels are aligned, when people enter the sensed space, a Kinect sensor tracks their position and the corresponding physical pixels are randomized. The ordered nature of the piece is only visible from afar, a close inspection disturbs the work. The pixels slowly return to their original places when the space is empty.

CLOUD closeup

Libby Heaney CLOUD 1

Libby Heaney CLOUD 3

Libby Heaney - CLOUD 4

Libby Heaney CLOUD 5