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I presented my sculpture 'The Markers', 2 wooden octahedrons on metal stands, at the Big Space II exhibition at Central St. Martins last week.  Here are some pictures from the opening night.

The space in between is as much of the piece as the structures themselves.


They are tilted, simultaneously succumbing to and fighting against gravity.



I am very happy to announce the presentation of a new installation at the Courtyard Arts 'Art and Science' show in March.  Overridingly inspired by the notion of a quantum superposition - the fact that a microscopic physical system (such as an atom) can exist simultaneously in all it's physical states - my piece 'Elements of Reality' will explore ideas of emergence & decay, microscopic vs macroscopic and order out of chaos, creating both a harmonious and dissonant environment for the viewer.  More details below!

poster for Art and Science

my first video art piece has been released on Vimeo

Posted on: January 25th, 2014 by libby